Cockatiel Parrots

Cockatiel Parrots

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What are they?

Cockatiel parrots regularly live for 12 to 20 years and some have been reported to live for up to 30 years. Cockatiels parrots are members of the Cockatoo family. In the wild cockatiels have grey body feathers, yellow faces feathers, a yellow crest and orange cheek patches, with the males having brighter colors and more yellow around the face than the females. Domestic breeding has produced several color variations, including cinnamon, silver and pearl.


Cockatiel parrots are small parrots, measuring about twelve inches from beak to tail tip and weighing in at three to four ounces when mature. They will reach mature size at about nine months. Young cockatiels will begin to molt at about six months and will molt annually thereafter. The young have lighter coloring than the adults, have pink or light grey beaks, are more slender and the feathering on their heads will be incomplete. The sex of young cockatiels is difficult to determine because their coloring is not as pronounced as that of mature cockatiels.


The cockatiel is originally from Australia. They are found everywhere in Australia except in Tasmania and on the coastal regions. In the wild they are nomads, normally living in flocks of about twelve, following the food, roosting and nesting in desert vegetation, close to water. During breeding season, wild cockatiels will flock with hundreds of cockatiels and other birds. Australia placed a ban on exporting cockatiels in 1894. Therefore, all cockatiels sold as pets in the United States come from captive breeding stock.

They are very social and friendly birds which makes them an excellent pet bird. They also get along well with non-parrot birds. Cockatiels are comfortable in or out of their bird cages and prefer a cage with plenty of room to exercise.

Cockatiels have a powder on their feathers that they use to groom themselves. This powder will leave a dusty film on cages and in the rooms where they spend time. Humans with allergies may be sensitive to this powder and should be aware of this before making the decision to purchase a cockatiel.

Cockatiel information, cockatiel bird cages, cockatiel food and information on cockatiel care is very easy to find from a variety of sources because of their popularity as pets, second only to the parakeet.

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